Event Capture and Cleansing

CA announcements and updates are captured from various data providers.

Diary Tasks

Tasks are created for each event, based on configured rules. Open tasks are allocated and tracked until completion.

Entitled Stock Record

Using market rules, trades and positions are analysed to create an entitled stock record for relevant events.

Entitlement Calculation

The entitled stock record is the basis for calculations. Potential entitlements, taxes and transformations are calculated for each outcome.

Election Decisions

For each entitled holder, full or partial elections can be made against any or all options. Incomplete elections at the deadline date will revert to a default action.

Outcome Generation

Outcomes (cash and stock) are generated based on entitlement calculations, election decisions, and configured rules.


Entitled stock record and generated outcomes are reconciled automatically. Any reconciliation issues create exceptions.


CA announcements, holder notifications, entitlements and outcomes are sent to interested parties.

Claims and Risk

Open claims can be grouped, notified and tracked, automatically or manually. Outstanding cash claims are reportable in either claim or local currency.

Outcome Settlement

Receipts or payments (cash or stock) may be handled automatically or manually. Small cash amounts can be written off.


Standard reports and searches are provided. Tools are available for development of bespoke reports.


Business entity specific functionality can be integrated into the CATS framework.