We provide internally, externally hosted or cloud based solutions. CATS can be purchased as a modular toolkit. Source code licensing is available.


CATS will run on any Java enabled platform. CPU and RAM requirements depend on volumes.


Access rights are allocated to users and user groups. Multi-user validation may be applied to updates and functions.


Manually modified data is audited to permit full traceability.


CATS will retain data online for as long as possible, however resource restrictions periodically mandate archiving. Data may be retrieved from archive as required.


Functionality is accessed through an intelligently designed user interface that includes the facility to export data into applications such as Excel and Word. Standard use of color streamlines monitoring and task completion.

Corporate Actions

Data may be sourced from Manual Entry, Local Data, Data Vendor and Agent Swifts.

Incoming Data

Trades, Positions, Static, Accounting and Corporate Action Data may be received in various formats.


Additional incoming and outgoing services include Email, Fax, Swift and Vendor Information.

Outgoing Data

Accruals, Journals, Settlements, Holder Notifications and other business data can be transmitted from CATS for use by internal or external systems and system users.


Message formats may be Flat File, XML, CSV, PDF, Excel or proprietary. The system supports ISO 15022 and 20022 messaging.


Supported protocols include: MQ, JMS, FTP, SFTP and Web Services. APIs available for system connectivity.