"CATS is one of the most functionally rich and configurable processing environments on the market."


CATS correctly caters to:

  • Cash/Finance trades
  • Late/Early/Partially settled trades
  • Special Ex/Cum trades
  • Late/Modified/Cancelled trades
  • Traded/Settled/Value positions
  • Foreign exchange
  • Japanese dividend estimates
  • Event specific taxation

SRD II Functionality

Our SRD II update project is now in full swing with the next CATS release providing comprehensive SRD II functionality. This includes, the new ISO20022 message types. CATS will have the ability to receive, process and respond to issuer requests for shareholder identification. CATS will have the ability to facilitate the rights of shareholders for appropriate participation and voting with respect to meetings and other corporate events.

CATS functionality will enable information to flow efficiently between interested parties to allow business to meet the deadlines associated with SRD II.