April 2014

Further expansion within a major investment bank to incorporate their prime brokerage business.

November 2013

Exhibitors at:
CorpActions 2013

August 2013

Central Counterparty implementation of full end to end automation.

September 2012

Exhibitors at:
CorpActions 2012

July 2012

Significant additional growth agreed within major international IB.

March 2012

Enhancements to provision for the USA FATCA regulations.

August 2011

Engaged to provide our new hosted solution to a new client.

July 2011

Exhibitors at:
CorpActions 2011

May 2011

Additional Client Installation. Two business entities. Ten-fold increase in volume.

April 2010

Version 7.6 Capture and Cleansing. Integration of new Capture and Cleansing Features.

December 2009

New IB Client Installation. Completed in 10 weeks, with 15 new data feeds.

November 2008

Version 7.2 Tax Module Upgrade. Enhanced static for US W8, W9 tax forms. Enhanced IRS reporting.

July 2009

Version 7.5 Technical Upgrade. Performance tuning; user interface improvements for high volume events; and reporting changes.

June 2008

Version 7.0 Voluntary Processing Upgrade. Completed Voluntary and Elective Event Lifecycle. Full support for Multiple Options and Outcome Processing.

July 2007

Version 6.8 Automated Claims. Automatic Grouping; and Claim Letter Transmission (with reminders): These features have saved millions of Euros and reduced overall outstanding claims.